Tuesday, July 6, 2010


844 = 22 x 211.

844 is the smallest number so that it and the next four numbers are squareful numbers; that is, they each contain a square in their prime factorization.

844 is the sum of six positive cubes in exactly three ways.

Both 844 and 845 have six divisors.

844 is 444 in base 14.

Steam Locomotive No. 844 was the last steam locomotive built for the Union Pacific Railroad, delivered in 1944.

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Anonymous said...

844=L(2n)+1 donde L representa a los números de Lucas y n=7
844*2^844-844-2^844-1 es primo.
844=Q^14+1+1/Q^14 donde Q=Phi representa la Divina Proporción
Rafael Parra de Barcelona