Tuesday, October 13, 2009


2183 = 37 x 59.

2183 is a number that cannot be written as a sum of three squares.

2183 is 2222212 in base 3.

2183 is a number n such that n2 + n + 2 is a palindrome: 21832 + 2183 + 2 = 4767674.

NGC 2183 is a nebula in the constellation Monceros. This cloud of dust resides on the edge of the outer spiral arm of our galaxy.

Positive Integers

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U.A.Vinay Kumar said...

If we extend the Pascal triangle into a Pyramid with square base, and assign number to the cubes like in Pascal triangle but moving inwards --like onion peels -- --eg., outermost sheath will always be numbered as 1 on all outer cubes, and so forth --- and if we do this upto 9th layer (by counting the first 1 cube at top as 1), where the numbering is 1, 8, 28, 56, 70, 56, 28, 8, 1 THEN if we add all excepting the first 1 and 1 in the second layer (as they are primordial uncreated entities), then the sum will be exactly 2183. This corresponds to the 9th layer, which in Visistadvaita begins the Brahmanda Kosa with 70 as 5th Pentatope number.

Dr. U.A. Vinay Kumar Udupi