Wednesday, November 13, 2013


2301 = 3 x 13 x 59.

2301 has the same digits in bases 4 (20331), 5 (33201), and 10 (2301). 2301 is 6465 in base 7.

2301 is a nonagonal number (A001106).

2301 is the number of primitive (period 9) 9-bead necklace structures using a maximum of six different colored beads (A056302).

2301 is the maximum number of regions defined by 23 zigzag lines in the plane when a zigzag line is defined as consisting of two parallal infinite half-lines joined by a straight line segment (A117625).

2301 is a number n such that the square of n is an average of three successive primes (A226146).

Source: On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

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